Dmitry Shuvalov


Petersburg Classic, an artist and a teacher. Feeling of confidence openness comprehend the hidden motive forces of nature and art - that's probably the main thing that opens the viewer at the time acquaintance with the works of this great master of Leningrad.


Шувалов Дмитрий Александрович

Essential Personal and Creative Biography:


18 December. Born in Novgorod. Upon graduating from the Alexander Herzen Pedagogical Institute in Leningrad, parents Alexander Nikolaevich and Klavdia Nikolaevna are assigned to the Novgorod Region as middle-school teachers of Russian language and literature.


Dmitry Shuvalov’s father leaves for the front in July, while his mother and their six sons returns to her parents in Leningrad. Three of their children die during the Siege.


Mother and three remaining children evacuate to Yaroslavl Region along with an orphanage.


Family returns to Leningrad.


Studies at the secondary school of art under I. Andreev, G. Barabanshchikov, and A. Kuznetsov. The school’s artistic council makes special note of his final project.


Studies at the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in the painting department, in Evsey Moiseenko’s studio. His instructors include Yury Podliassky, Boris Kharchenko, Rudolf Frentz, Pyotr Fomin, and Pyotr Belousov.

In the summers Shuvalov travels to Taimyr in the North on geological expeditions (as a geophysicist). On an expedition in 1958 he meets his future wife (with whom he would share 54 years). He relies on his summer work while completing his graduation painting, “In the North” (150 x 300), which receives the examining commission’s highest marks.


Takes part in the seventh “All-Union Exhibition of Final Projects by Art School Students” in the galleries of the Academy of Arts in Moscow, as well as in the first all-Union exhibition “Soviet Russia” in the Manege. The newspaper Literature and Life from June 28, 1959 includes a reproduction of Shuvalov’s “In the North.”


Graduate work in the painting department of the Repin Institute. Works on a programme painting entitled "Fishers". The painting involves the creation of a significant number of live studies dedicated to workers in the north.


Teaches drawing and painting at the secondary school of art. His students include Vladimir Zagonek, now a Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation and later the professor who took over the studio of battlefield painting at the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture after the death of Evsey Moiseenko.


Teaches at the Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Industry in Leningrad, later renamed the Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Industry in St Petersburg.


Teaches in the drawing department since1981:professor in the department of painting and restoration


Accepted as a member of the Union of Artists branch in Leningrad.


Granted the title of Honoured Artist of Russia.


Passes away February 4, at age 81, on Vasilyevsky Island in St Petersburg. Interred at the Bolsheokhtinsky cemetery.

Since 1959 Dmitry Shuvalov took part in more than 100 exhibitions at various levels, from instructor shows at the Academy of Art and Industry to international exhibits. Eleven standalone showings of his works have been organized in Germany and Sweden. The exhibition in Chemnitz, Germany was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg.

Works by Professor Dmitry Shuvalov are found in private collections in Russia, Germany, Sweden, England, Finland, and China. Dmitry Shuvalov was the recipient of various government awards, medals, and diplomas.

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Pictorial art

Images of paintings Dmitry Alexandrovich Shuvalov very clear and convincing. His paintings convey a surprisingly light and space, reveal the complex world of human emotions and characters embody the spirit of the world.

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Graphic arts

"Figure, which is otherwise called the art of sketching, is the highest point and the painting and sculpture, and architecture; drawing - the source and root of all science, "- wrote the great Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buanarroti (1475-1564).

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  • The exibition of Dmitry Shuvalov "Heritage of the Artist"
    The exibition of Dmitry Shuvalov

    20 June - 14 July 2016
    The exhibition centre "Hermitage-Vyborg".
    Ladanova str., 1

    The exhibition "Heritage of the Artist"

  • The exhibition of DMITRY SHUVALOV.
    The exhibition of DMITRY SHUVALOV.

    3 September - 16 November 2015
    Grand opening 15:00

    The Benois Family Museum
    State Museum Reserve Peterhof,
    Dvortsovaya sq., 8

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  • The exhibition of DMITRY SHUVALOV.
    The exhibition of DMITRY SHUVALOV.

    8 - 28 September 2015 г.

    "Museum of Applied Art"
    Solyanoj alley,13

    Grand opening
    8 September, 16-00

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